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If you're planning to file and insuance claim in San Antonio, Texas or you've filed an insurance claim insurance claim but are not satisfied with the result, you're not alone.

Insurance adjusters and roof insurance claim inspectors inspect roof daily. At Statewide Roof Restoration, we are highly experienced with insurance terminoloy and the process of filing an insurance claim on the homeowners or business property owners behalf. We work with all major insurnace companies.

We have a roof inpector certified in Texas in Property and Casualty Insurance. We understand what it takes to file an insurnace claim in San Antonio, Texas.

At Statewide Roof Restoration, we handle all the paperwork, insurance adjuster appointments. Allow us take the stressful insuance claim process, while you go about your daily business.

Why is it difficult in most cases dealing with an insurance claim?

Insurance adjuster are only doing their job that they are trained to do. They are simply following guidelines. A process to move along thousands of claims filed during a storm.

At Statewide Roof Restoration, we also follow a process. We are higly experienced in all types of insurance claims dealing with wind damge, hail damge & interior water damage.

We inspect your roof thoroughly for existing weak spots, storm damage, worn out-weathered exterior, take pictures of water leaks, wind storm damage, hail storm damage, interior water leak damage, foundation water damage and document all necessary information.

We specialize in insurance claim terminology, documentation, processing insurance claims in San Antonio, Texas and surrounding areas.

We also have experts in concrete slab water leak detection. Drywall and foundation restoration, interior moisture detection.

If you suspect interior water leaks, water spots on drywall ceiling and/or walls, moisture in carpet or flooring, feel free to call us for an inspection.



If you live in the San Antonio, Texas area, you can count on us to help you with water leak detection services.

Leaking water can soak through your ceiling and come down your walls causing severe damage. You should always be wary of water leak spots suddenly appearing on your ceiling out of nowhere.

If you believe that you may have a water leak, contact us to confirm it.

The quicker we get started resolving your leaks, the better. It is our goal to detect and resolve your problems quickly, and we also want to stop secondary problems like MOLD from occurring if at all possible.

We can help save you time and money by fixing the water leak problems before they get out of hand if we can catch them soon enough.

If you suspect a water leak issue in your home?

Call us today at: 210-550-7709 for expert San Antonio water leak detection services.


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